Update on Japan, October 2011

It has been several months since the devestating combination of a powerful earthquake and huge tsunami hit the eastern coast of Japan in March of 2011. It is believed to be the strongest earthquake to hit Japan and is one of the top 5 strongest to have occured world wide since modern measurements were put into use in 1900. 15,822 people are known to have died, with another 3,926 people still missing. More then 125,000 buildings were destroyed, including entire villages that were washed into the sea. The tsunami measured up to 40.5 meters high and traveled up to 10 KM inland, washing away everything in its path. Three nuclear reactors suffered partial meltdowns and small explosions. Millions of Japanese were left without electricity and water.

The rebuilding has begun, and is projected to take years. Insurers estimate losses between 14 and 37 billion US Dollars. The survivors have been left with nothing. No homes, clothes, furniture, not even neighbors, friends, and family. Working with the locals, CCI was able to send and distribute bikes, hygiene products, baby and adult diapers, and other products to the affected areas. All of this was received with great joy and thanks. We want to extend our heart felt appreciation to those who contibuted to this effort.

And, thanks to continued giving, CCI is now able to start a new round of projects. We are in the process of purchasing small furniture kits to be distributed to survivors who have nothing to sit on, no table to eat at, and no bed to sleep in. Through contacts, we are able to purchase the furniture at very low rates and in close proximity to the areas it will be distributed in. In addition,  CCI has been able to partner with some experienced counselors, who we will support while they travel to those in need and give much needed comfort.

We know that all of our efforts pale in comparison to what these people have gone through, we are thankful to be able to extend this hand of help and friendship.