About Us

Since 1996, China Care International Ltd. has provided humanitarian aid and emergency relief to tens of thousands of people in western regions of China and other parts of Asia. China Care International Ltd. is a Hong Kong based NGO.


China Care International Ltd. believes in working with the people and for the people of China to help fight poverty in all forms that may exist. We believe that every person is created equal and has a right to have equal access to life’s basic essential needs such as food, clean water, education, medical care, and for children, the right to have a safe and loving home that will nurture their needs.

China Care International, Ltd. believes in working with indigenous groups, local government entities, and NGO’s already in the concerned areas.


Implementation of humanitarian projects take place in phases whereby proposed projects are evaluated, selected, then funded. Upon completion of selected projects, regular training and reports are provided to monitor the effectiveness of the humanitarian aid given to the people of Asia.