The scene in Shang Luoyou Village is quite different than that of the large metropolitan cities in China. Small, single bedroom homes seem to be one step shy of toppling over. Men haul their crop using wooden planks that are balanced on their shoulders. Much of the wealth and modern economic success of China has yet to reach Shang Luoyou due to the village’s isolated location and dangerous unpaved roads. These roads are hard to navigate on a good day, and on a rainy day it is nearly impossible. The loose soil on the steep hillside can quickly turn into landslide and completely block the road. This leaves Shang Luoyou in economic isolation as the people are unable to sell their goods in the marketplace.  There are just 33 families, amounting to 137 people in this village. Miao is their ethnicity which is a minority group in China. The average annual income of the people is approximately $330 a year which makes Shang Luoyou one of the 13 poorest villages in Rongshui autonomous county. The primary trade of Shang Luoyou people is farming rice which can be labor intensive and yields low profits.



There are several needs that the Shang Luoyou people possess. The most pressing however is their need for clean water. Currently they are drawing water from a nearby creek that is 1 kilometer away. This creek remains clean and clear for much of the year. During the rainy season, however, the river changes color to a dark yellow color as the mud from the hillside slides into the creek. Without clean water the village is in grave danger of sickness, and with their remote location, they are not near any hospital or clinic for treatment.


Humanitarian Proposal

A fresh water spring that is 2,400 meters away from Shang Luoyou has been located on a nearby mountain. By building a reservoir and providing 2,400 meters of piping this village can have a safe and secure source for clean water. The total cost of this project is $15,800. The people have pooled their resources together to raise $2,100 – which is a significant amount for this village who lives far below the poverty line. China Care International would need to provide the remaining funds which are $13,700 to put these plans into effect. CCI has been able to assist many villages in the Rongshui autonomous county with clean water projects and it is our desire to do the same for Shang Luoyou. This water project will not only provide a source for clean water but also a source of hope for the Miao people of Shang Luoyou.