The collective culture of the Miao people can be clearly seen in the village of Xiao Xi. Back porches and front doors of small homes are scarcely divided, the farmers work together on shared rice fields, wooden chairs line the public walkway. There are 36 homes and 146 people in Xiao Xi. It is located in a cold mountainous district and the road leading to the village is unpaved and can be very dangerous. These factors have contributed to the delayed economic development of Xiao Xi. The annual average income for an individual here is 2,200 RMB which is about $350. Xiao Xi is entirely made up of the Miao ethnic group. The Miao people are considered a minority group in China and have a unique culture that is distinct from the Han Chinese. The primary occupation of Xiao Xi people is farming and during the day the village is emptied as farmers tend to their rice fields.



Xiao Xi needs roads to be paved and their food supply is quite low. However, their water source is often contaminated and this is by far the most urgent need. Considering how there has been very few water projects in the area, the people do not have a water source nearby and they have to draw their water from a ravine that is 500 meters away. Even worse, this ravine is subject to contamination. During the rainy season, between the months of March and August, heavy rain causes the soil to loosen on the hillsides and large amounts of dirt slides into the ravine. This causes impurities and discoloration. There is no sanitation system in place in Xiao Xi, so the

people have no other choice but to cook, clean and drink with this water. In doing so, they are in great risk of sickness and their immune systems are weakened. Without any kind of hospital or clinic nearby, it is of utmost importance to keep good health in Xiao Xi.


Humanitarian Proposal

CCI has been a part of several clean water projects in Guanxi province and is prepared to answer the water crisis in Xiao Xi. About two and a half kilometers from the village is a spring that has the clean water that Xiao Xi desperately needs. The plan is to build a reservoir that is 30 meters cubed that will collect the water. Polyethylene piping will carry this clean water for 2,600 meters to Xiao XI. The total cost of this project is about $15,400. The people of Xiao Xi have contributed $1,500 – which is a significant amount living off of less than a dollar a day. CCI would need to cover the remaining $13,900 to put this plan into effect. Clean water is a human necessity and CCI is honored to assist in providing this need for the people of Xiao Xi. Access to clean water will instantly improve the quality of life for this small mountain village.